Morgaine at Marco Scacchi festival in Vilnius

After half a year of the concert break, Morgaine and soprano Anna Maria Wierød met again in Vilnius for the Marco Scacchi Early Music Festival of Early Music in Vilnius. But why Marco Scacchi? And who is this guy?
During the reign of the Vasa family, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth became one of the famous work destinations for musicians from Italy, among them, the prolific Marco Scacchi, who became the leader of the Wladyslaw Vasa’s capella in the 1620’s and brought it to fame with numerous stagings of drammi per musica. Due to the fact that most of Scacchi’s works were lost, little is now remembered of the controversial and polarizing personality Scacchi was. His resolute musical views, in which the spoken word was the engine of the musical discourse, as well as his openly dismissive attitude towards some of his colleagues, gained many supporters as well as critics.
After almost 30 years of work in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Scacchi returned to Italy, where he taught several young musicians, including Angelo Berardi.
The Italian town Gallese, where Marco Scacchi retired for the last years of his life, is hosting an annual festival in his honor for sixteen years now. In Vilnius, the “Marco Scacchi Festival” is still young, just having closed its third edition this May.
Morgaine created their new program “Per Te, Amor” especially for this year’s festival.

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